A FUNNY, JUST-FOR-LAUGHS T-SHIRT. Want to have hair down to your hips? Now you can pretend you do with the hairshirt. The hairshirt is a t-shirt with a high quality photo of long hair printed on the back. With the hairshirt you can make it look like your hair is over a foot (14 inches) longer!

Your hair can be almost any style (straight, wavy, curly...) and almost any color -- there is probably a hairshirt that is a good match for you.

45 different style/color combinations!

THREE DIFFERENT LOCATIONS The hair photo can be printed in three different locations on the back (high, medium, low), so if you already have long hair, you can make it look like you have super-long hair!

Make yourself feel like you have long, flowing hair, or...

...pretend you have a hair color you've always wanted.

A GREAT GIFT The hairshirt makes a great gift for girls and women of all ages. Show someone you care by getting her a personalized gift -- one that matches her hair.

FUN, FUN, FUN You may not find a perfect match for your hair (and of course your hair won't always line up perfectly with the hair printed on the shirt), but wearing the hairshirt is always fun!

MAKE YOUR OWN SHIRT You can create your own hairshirt in a few easy steps. Just click on "Next" to get started!